In Case You Didn't Already Know...

Well, 2017 is already off to a phenomenal start.  We're getting closer to that magic number that will give us the green light to make our movie.

In the two years that I've been back here in Iowa, I've met some amazing people.  Some are enterprising business owners that want to see film come back and thrive in our state, some are the hard working freelance filmmakers that are grinding out a living practicing their craft.  I've been gathering a mix of both of these groups of people in preparation for the day that we shoot my dream project, THE BURIAL.

One such person is my good friend, Loren Ekart.  Loren, a Des Moines native, is an incredibly talented cinematographer, and one of the hardest working people I have ever met.  He's a family man that puts his family first.  He's a supportive friend and a wonderful collaborator.

I've been planning on partnering with Loren for over a year now, as his cinematography is up there with some of the best camera operators I have ever worked with.  He's a priceless find for me here in Iowa.

Though he's been a part of my plan for the film here in Iowa for over a year now, today, I'd like to  officially announce that Loren has joined THE BURIAL as producer and cinematographer.

Check out Loren's show that he produces, directs, shoots, and edits: THE MUDBUMS.  It's a television show on the Pursuit Channel and Carbon TV, made right here in Iowa.  You'll see, like I did, that his cinematography, especially in outdoor settings, is nothing short of brilliant.