An Exciting Turn of Events...

I'm all about great news.  And here's some news that some of you may already know:


What's the significance of this, you ask?  

RAGBRAI lands at its final stop on Saturday, July 29th 2017.  We start physical production approximately three weeks prior to this.  We'll still have at least one full week of shooting left at that point, which means THERE WILL BE THOUSANDS OF CYCLISTS IN THE TOWN OF LANSING AND SURROUNDING AREAS.

Built in marketing, anyone?

Talk about expanding your audience.  How much fun is it going to be to let all of these cyclists know that there is a feature film being shot in the very town they are in?  A lot of fun.  

We'll have an amazing opportunity to expand our audience by raising awareness of the film.

What a stroke of good luck.  Those there for RAGBRAI will get to see the beauty of NE Iowa, and what better way to celebrate the area then to follow up with a film that is shot there.

Can't wait to share it with them.  And you.