Our Audience is Growing... Are You In??

Four days ago, we launched a crowdfunding campaign.  We did this to add to the investments we already have, and to open our production up to everyday folks that love movies, love the Midwest, and want to see this film be made.

The perks are there to incentivize you to get involved.  They favor experiences, not stuff, and encourage you to be a part of this story we are telling.

Many people have approached me over the years to ask how they might be a part of the making of the film.  Now, here's a way to ensure that the film gets made and that you can be a part of it.

It takes a village of people to make a movie happen.  If that was all, we would have no trouble making our films a reality.

Unfortunately, movies require money to be made.  They require support from investors, companies, and everyday movie lovers... like you, perhaps.

Will you join us on this journey?

Here's a link to how you can support us, and be a part of this project: https://igg.me/at/theburial/x/451006